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This is a wiki about the huge annual fandom exchange known as Yuletide, an exchange so popular it even has its own (small) fandom! With everything that surrounds Yuletide it makes sense that it would eventually have its own wiki.

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What is Yuletide?[]

Yuletide, also known as Yuletide Treasure, Yuletide Challenge, or Yuletide Obscure Fandom Fiction Exchange, is an annual secret santa-style gift exchange for fanfiction in rare fandoms. It has an official home on ArchiveofOurOwn.org, livejournal communities, and an irc chatroom. The basic gist is: A participant writes 1,000-word (minimum) story in a "rare" fandom of another participant's preference. In return, the participant receives a 1,000-word (minimum) story in a "rare" fandom of her preference.

In addition, Yuletide has somewhat complex rules that are different from other gift exchanges and can be intimidating to new participants. A useful resource for those who want to participate in Yuletide but are a little lost can be found below:

Beginner's Guide to Yuletide

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